Pouakai Crossing Accommodation/Hike

An adventurous group stayed at Patuha Lodge early April this year, two nights stay and one day doing the Pouakai Crossing. An absolute treat having them here. Fun, laughter and friendliness.


Sylvia spent time organising the group and finding a weekend suitable. Following a 50 minute van drive to the start, they used the North Egmont visitor centre for weather information and best route option advice, then off they went on their adventure.

By the time they got to the mountain on the Saturday morning, conditions were cold and extra thermals required,  changes in weather throughout the day allowed for good views, a challenge but a fit group of friends saw them complete the walk in good time.



A txt from Pouakai Hut later in the day allowed me time to have the Lodge warm with an evening meal ready following pick up.

This is a beautiful and scenic walk that will give you magnificent views of Mt Taranaki and the surrounding Taranaki region. It has been ranked next to some of the best and most beautiful spots in New Zealand.

Mt Taranaki hiking season is best from December to April

The hike takes 7-9 hours with moderate to challenging terrain, many different landscapes to view on the way.

Posted by Patuha Lodge on September 27, 2019